Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

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Hello Tribe, new to the group and new to cymatics. I've read much of the online information about cymatics and Hans Jenny. The most mysterious part about it all is Jenny's claim that the sanskrit and hebrew "vowels" would create their respecitve written symbols by using cymatics. I've seen lots of pictures of Jenny's research, but no photos of these symbols being created. Does anyone know a good source for these pictures on the internet? Do they even exist?
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  • i have been doing om meditation for quite some time now, to focus i have used harmonium tunes then tanpura. all these allow mind to wander here and there then i tried pure sine waves and combinations as per the indian musical scale, not the tempered one used in keyboards. to derive this scale i have constructed a excel worksheet i then tried these sound and found that sa-ss and sa-pa sound justlike om the premordial sound. i have an oscilloscope
    I tried first and second harmonic of a pure sine wave and i got a shock, pleasent one, i got the exact figures of om in old deonagri script If anyone is intersted i can send them the images and the 30 sec mp3 files
    • I'd like to see the images and sound files. You can send them to

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        Re: Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

        Fri, January 12, 2007 - 11:52 AM Not sanskrit but cool video non-the-less.... 2007 Cymatic events - You will probably find all you need to know at these events.


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          Re: Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

          Thu, September 20, 2007 - 9:52 PM
          Greetings all and great to see the interest. I am writing a book about Cymatics, though not the clinical aspect so much, based on the work of a student of Sir Peter Guy Manners named Dr. Conroy Cooper.

          I too have been seeking out the claim that the Hebrew and Sanskrit characters result from Cymatic freuqncies and hope to have an answer soon. I presume that I now know who to ask. I understand that there was a video that has been pulled due to the implications of this claim. God would forever been different if this information were to circulate widely.

          During the past decade there have been some legal battles between several schools of though surrounding Cymatics and human energy and sacred geomtrical theorists and the man from the Meru Foundation, Mr. Stan Tenon, I am certain made this claim but has now retracted it and is very judgemental of anyone who asks him the same. I know, I asked him.

          I attended the Cymatherapy conference in Atlanta this past weekend and the focus was not the esoteric applications of frequency as Jenny had done to metaphorically demonstrate Cymatic effects, but rather clinical and real world examples of energy and its relattion to the human body and wellness. I was most impressed with Freddy Silva (Theorist) and Margaret Ruby (Theorist and Practitioner). People such as Drunvalo Melchisedek are generally not mentioned by the scientists though Gregg Braden has his feet on both sides of the fence.

          The sites mentioned by Lhana DO NOT demonstrate the letter formations. It is no longer available on the internet and due to the lawsuits will likley remain that way.
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            Re: Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

            Fri, September 28, 2007 - 4:18 PM
            >> During the past decade there have been some legal battles between several schools of though surrounding Cymatics and human energy and sacred geomtrical theorists and the man from the Meru Foundation, Mr. Stan Tenon, I am certain made this claim but has now retracted it and is very judgemental of anyone who asks him the same. I know, I asked him.

            I hold Stan Tenen in high regard... in some ways, he has been an influence on my thinking and he inspires me for making the discoveries he has made... or at least from drawing the parallels he has and using those parallels to devise a complex system that covers so much ground. I can see why he went after Dan Winters, (and Drunvalo Melchizedek by way of Drunvalo's alliance with Dan Winters and his use of Dan Winters' plagiarized, yet flawed information in his own teachings) because I feel that Dan Winters DID plagiarize the Meru research and then bastardized it by combining it with other systems inaccurately. So I side with Stan over that because I can tell that Dan is like Drunvalo in that he never goes deep... just skims over the top of a hundreds subjects to mystify people and draw them in... I also feel that Drunvalo is a tad irresponsible in his mass Merkabah meditation workshops and he makes outrageous claims which always seem to boost his own ego in some way. He also speaks negatively about Judaism and in a way that shows his cynicism. That has turned me off to him.

            But anyway, now it seems like Stan is getting a little jaded and perhaps possessive w/ the Hebrew Alphabet to the point where anybody who dares bring up the Hebrew Alphabet or use it in their work is either jeapardizing his beloved research or treading on his soil in some way. From what others (who know him) have told me, he is very defensive about talking with people and comes across as a total purist. He has gotten really heavily back into the Orthodox approach to Judaism. You'll never see him without a yarmulkah anymore. And he sounds more like a rabbi now than he ever did years ago.

            So are you saying that Stan had any involvement in those videos being pulled?

            >> judgemental of anyone who asks him the same. I know, I asked him.

            I didn't understand that. What do you mean by "anyone who asks him the same"?
            What was it you and he were talking about (if you don't mind saying)? I'm just curious because, like I said, I've heard that he closes off quickly if other people do any of the talking (adding anything foreign to his reality) or say something he disagrees with. In other words, he is passionately opinionated and then some, right?
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              Re: Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

              Fri, October 12, 2007 - 12:55 AM
              I was and to some extent still involved with a possible documentary and television show about sound technology and sound healing. I was looking for evidence to present to a producer who thought I was nuts when I explained to him what Cymatics was all about. His son found me and was enthusiatic. Dad was not.

              The long and the short of it was that I asked Mr. Tenen via e-mail whether he knew of this and he wrote back to me like I was an alien asking him questions that he could not even comprehend. I recall he said, things either exist or they do not. What you are talking about does not exist. He admitted that he may not be curreent on the work and recalled Cymatics as a metaphor and denounced it as a medical delivery system further stating that nobody has an interest in such things anymore. He asked me not to make reference to his work or his ideas which I agreed to do as I had no interest beyond the emerging alphabet characters. It was not pleasant when he certainly could have been alot more respectful with his responses. We exhcnaged three e-mails and his tone softened by the third.
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                Wow... Stan is kind of a prick, eh?

                Yeah, I used to have a lot more respect for his purism than I do after hearing numerous similar stories to yours.
                Now he just seems like a closed-minded elder who wishes to discourage further exploration of realms in which he doesn't trust others (besides himself) to dwell in without either getting lost or spreading bad maps of.

                Perhaps he isn't much of a "team player" or maybe he's jaded from being inundated with new-agers wanting to pick his brain and use his research as an aid for their own. ? It seems like he's been a pretty serious and stoic guy all along though. From watching his 1st video "Geometric Metaphors of Life" I can tell he has had kind of a dominating personality and a no-nonsense approach to others' ideas. He will draw lots of wide lines in his own conclusions, but when others say anything, he's very scrutinous and unforgiving about it. I don't fault him for it, but let's be honest - having such questionable people skills doesn't make him much of an effective leader does it? I'm not saying he wants to be a leader, but in a way that's what he has put himself out there as.
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                  Re: Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

                  Sat, October 13, 2007 - 11:30 PM
                  I wouldn't say prick, but miserable and stingingly skeptical, but cordial as well if not merely giving the obligatory smiles and phrases. Here is part of one of our e-mail exchanges. The subsequent responses (2 others) became more tense which may be disrespectful to post publicly. My words are indented:

                  Greetings MERU Foundation, my name is John Gil and I am an architect in Los Angeles.

                  Greetings, John Gil.

                  I have loosely followed the work of your organization for about ten years now.

                  How did you hear of us? Why haven't you gotten in touch sooner? <smile>

                  I am also working on a television show that is going to be about numerous esoteric topics with an emphasis on Cymatics. I have a Jamaican friend who is a world class Cyamtics practitioner and my story begins with him, a long one.

                  I don't understand. What's a "Cymatics practitioner"? My understanding of Cymatics comes from Hans Jenny's 2 books. This is beautiful material, but it's also pretty much out of date, I think, isn't it?

                  And what is there to "practition"? Can you explain?

                  From the videos you reference to Stan Tenen, do any of these include the manifestation of symbols or images in sand or powder, as in, does Mr. Tenen use Cymatic devices to manifest form via the intelligent ethers?

                  No, not at all.

                  Meru Foundation work is not related to the manifestation of symbols. While it is true that mathematics in the ancient world was often conducted with pebbles and a stick in a sandbox, this also is not related to what we're proposing.

                  What do you mean by "via the intelligent ethers"? What's an "ether"? Again, I don't understand.

                  This film exists (hard to find) and we need a clincher to prove to the execs that the technology is real.

                  What technology? Cymatics was a system of investigating resonant patterns, mostly on 2-D surfaces. These days, interest in this sort of thing is at the nanoscale. Maybe I'm ignorant here.

                  I am also asking if we could have your permission to present this to one or several television executives (starting with Nat. Geo) to provide unequivocal clarity to otherwise bottom line thinkers.

                  I don't know what you're referring to. Present what? What are you referring to?

                  Your work and ideas would certainly be included in this docudrama series assuming it is approved and you are interested.

                  You have me completely confused. I don't know what you're proposing, and I don't know what this has to do with what I'm proposing.

                  Feel free to contact me regarding these issues. I hope to hear form you soon.

                  This is all very mysterious. What are you proposing?

                  Thanks ahead of time for your help. The time is right for the world to know more about the relevance of ancient mysteries in our Modern lives.

                  I think there is much too much of this. I don't believe in "ancient mysteries". Either something was real, or it wasn't. If it wasn't real, it's not a mystery, it's just nothing. If it is real, it's not a mystery, it's what it is.

                  I am passionate and dedicated to this quest, as well the co-writer and producer and likely the host of the show.

                  Again, I can't figure out what you're proposing.

                  Please don't use any Meru writings or graphics without specific written permission. We have had too much craziness over our work, and this is the only way to maintain its integrity. There is not much out there that I'm aware of that is at all related to what Meru is proposing. If you have something specific in mind, please make a specific request.

                  I don't understand what you're saying about Cymatics, so maybe there's something I need to know. If there is, please let me know, and maybe I can respond.

                  Thanks for getting in touch. Good luck with your project.

                  Yours truly,
                  Stan Tenen
                  Director of Research,
                  Meru Foundation
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                    Re: Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

                    Sat, October 13, 2007 - 11:31 PM
                    The indent did not remain. Is this confusing?
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                      Re: Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

                      Mon, October 15, 2007 - 11:25 AM
                      I was definitely able to decipher what was Stan's and what was yours. I know... Tribe doesn't retain indents or anything out of the ordinary (format-wise) in posts. Although it's annoying, it's probably necessary.

                      I actually didn't think - compared to things I've heard - that Stan was very harsh in that message. It just seemed like he was PRESSING the point about getting specific in what you were referring to, in reference to his/Meru's work.

                      He also may have taken slight offense (but "offense" is perhaps too strong of a word) to the fact that you stated that you've "loosely" followed his work. Maybe he felt you weren't quite as familiar as he would like with his work... well, enough to accurately represent it publicly. I'm just pokin' around in the dark. BTW: He IS Meru and there's nobody but him developing their body of work. His wife helps out in some fashion, but I would imagine it's only on the administrative/business end.

                      I understand his need to get specific. I kind of adapted that way of thinking (at least partially) from his influence. When I first came across his work, I could tell that he was combatting the often flighty and airy-fairy way of "information" spreading that is so common in the New Age movement. People (spiritual teachers, followers, enthusiasts) tend to rely a bit too heavily on feelings and parallels, which they feel in their intuitive faculties, and they leave it at that, without really getting down to the core of what's actually taking place. They forego scientific rigor and it leaves the work unfinished for me. The stereotypical new-age author & "teacher" allows themselves to draw conclusions long before any skeptic or scientifically-minded person would. With a lack of information creating a gap which takes away from credibility... leaving the work limited in its effect to "preaching to the choir". Know what I mean?

                      Seemed to me the only part that was a bit grating in his tone was his repeated stressing of how confused and unclear he was about what of his work you wanted to reference... like he was hammering in the point of "being specific and precise".

                      After the Dan Winters legal debaucle, I can imagine how weary he is of people using (a distorted version of) his research as a basis for their work. In his mind, it leaves a lot of room for misrepresentation, credits issues, (which become legal issues) etc... he is so specific about everything he says and he has exhausted so much time and energy into the details of his code-breaking ways that his worst nightmare is for someone to take his work and use it in a way that reduces its potency and accuracy.

                      After all... his entrance into the pandora's box of the Torah (most specifically Genesis 1:1) and the Hebrew Alphabet was because - back in the 70's - his boss told him to take a hike when Stan accused him of being wrong about something. This was when Stan was a Codebreaker for the US Govt./Intelligence. Stan has an OBSESSION with accuracy and specifics. His (and many Orthodox Jews & Kabbalists') belief is that the world would cease to exist (as it is) if one letter were changed in the Torah. He believes the Torah is preserved (and thus the world still exists) because of the tenacity of the rabbis who have protected the Torah from any contamination due to loss of data. Basically he is a purist in many ways and has a raging case of OCD. Thank God!! I'm not belittling him in any way as he has been a tremendous teacher for me just through his videos and website.
                      Back in 2000, I downloaded and printed ALL of the Meru research... every single color image (posters, graphs, illustrations of concepts etc...) off of the Meru Website. That was before you had to pay money for a membership in order to access the Meru research. I read and studied all of it until Stan's grand vision made sense to me. Not to sound repetitive, but his research was one of my biggest influences and I have a pretty wide collection of mystical literature.

                      Well, it seems Stan wants his work to stand on its own and not to work with others and aid others in their *public* quests for information.

                      But at least we're all free to use his work in our own lives as we may.. we just can't quote him or use any of his copyrighted material in the material we put out to others. That's fine with me. There are plenty of other sources to draw from.

                      Stan never really got into the manifestation of Hebrew Letters from any vibrational technology... I kind of don't know how his work would relate to the field of Cymatics.

                      If someone were to do an experiment (using concepts & mediums of Cymatics) that yielded results he felt were unique and profound... which seemed to reference his work and reinforce his work... and they were specific in providing him with their convincing results (ie, video, photos, highly descriptive written accounts etc...) AND they specifically stated what - of his research - was their basis, maybe he might be more receptive. ???

                      I'm sure there is further to take Cymatics in the modern world where we have advanced technologically.

                      If you're interested in seeing some unique interpretations of how Cymatics research has influenced & crossed-over with Kabbalah, check out the book "The Secret Doctrine of Kabbalah" (softcover) by Leonora Leet. It's my favorite book on the topic ever. She is my hero!
                      Much of what she covered in this book is also in her MEGA-book "The Universal Kabbalah" (hardcover). She also takes it many steps further in the latter book. She died mysteriously before the book was published. No information is out there as to how she passed.
                      I wonder if she became pure light and just disintegrated because she is SO incredibly wise and powerful. I have felt overwhelmed with emotion reading her material... her balance, being a woman, between wisdom and understanding is just mindblowing... and being that she was a literary professor at St. Johns University, her ability to express the inexpressible is far beyond any other writer I've come across.

                      I will try to scan some of her illustrations - that pertain to Cymatics and the hexagram models she developed - and post them to the tribe pictures, along with descriptions & excerpts that explain what they are/mean.
                      • I'm still trying to play catch up here,and don't want to hold you guys back,but I don't know what MERU is...
                        Is there a simple and SHORT concise explanation or reference out ?
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                          Stan Tenen's research entity is called "The Meru Foundation". If you go to (or I will post some links to some cool areas on their site) you can see all sorts of good stuff.

                          But you should find and watch the video (available in VHS only last I checked) "Geometric Metaphors of Life" if you really want to get the nitty gritty. I can't remember where you live, but there are many little video stores in Northern CA and OR which carry that video. You can also order it online if you wanna buy it. Or go to Google Video and search for "Stan Tenen" and watch some of the videos that come up in the search.

                          Here are some links to Meru stuff, but explore around the site and click every link you can see. It's got a lot of rooms.

                          Go to:
                          (and click the various links in that page)

                          You will probably want to watch a video or three before starting to ponder these images and charts. They probably won't make much sense until he explains what the obscure and esoteric pictures mean.
    • Hi.......can you send me your finding at I am a musician and i also do alot of meditation with the sanskrit symbols....i am trying to figure out a way of creating some visuals for some music and also i experiment with sanskrit if you can give me any suggestions they would be totally welcome.......
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    Re: Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

    Fri, October 12, 2007 - 12:59 AM
    John Reid and his tonoscope have produced similar results in the King's Chamber in the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. He claims that hieroglyphs emerged upon a membrance stretched acoss the granite sarcophogus. The evidence is on the laura Lee webpage in a book called Egyptian Sonics which I have not seen.

    This reminds me of Atargate SG-1 where the sarcophogus is the healing chamber for the parsitic aliens. Reid believes that the proportion of the sarcophogus and the matieral granite compbined and their place in th exact center of the pyramid i the reason for these reuslts.
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      >> King's Chamber in the Cheops pyramid in Egypt.

      To me, calling it "the Cheops pyramid" is a bit like calling Native Americans "Indians".
      Egyptologists can't seem to agree on which Pharaoh built "the Great Pyramid" (Cheops or Khufu).
      But regardless, Egyptologists don't know a damn thing about the Great Pyramid.

      It's not an Egyptian structure. It exists in the land now known as Egypt, but it (and the Sphinx) was there thousands of years before any Egyptians or other pyramids were built. They showed up, it was there. They built replicas. It's that simple. But Zahi Hawaas and the Egyptian patriots are playing Egyptologists like a flute. They (Dr. Hawaas and other Egyptians) want to go down in history as the culture who built "the pyramids" when in fact, they copied the Great Pyramid in building their own. The construction materials, techniques and quality are so far superior in the Great Pyramid to ANY of the others that it's laughable to equate them. It is inevitable that when people skim (shallow) over the top of multiple subjects (like Egyptologists and Historians do) they will never get to the core of anything.

      There are people who've spent 20+ years surveying the Great Pyramid (they could care less about any of the others, which were built much later, by Pharaohs, using slave labor) and they all agree that there is no known builder.

      It is unknown who built the Great Pyramid. Any information otherwise is theory.

      >> Reid believes that the proportion of the sarcophogus and the matieral granite compbined and their place in th exact center of the pyramid i the reason for these reuslts.

      None of the passageways or chambers are in the exact center of the pyramid.
      If you face, looking East -> West (or West -> East) the Queen's Chamber is centered on that axis to the pyramid's center, but not in the N-S or S-N direction).

      The King's Chamber is off-center by quite a bit in both directions (E-W and N-S) and the passageways (ascending and descending) aren't on the vertical centerline of the North face of the pyramid.

      The sarcophagus (coffer) isn't in the middle of the King's Chamber either. It seems to be quite a purposefully asymmetrical structure in it's internal features, while its outer features are in perfect symmetry.

      If you can find the book, "The Great Pyramid Decoded" I highly recommend it! It is so in depth and full of good info. It provides all sorts of interesting storylines in the pyramid's historically documented past. The rest (the pyramid's past, before records exist) is all guesswork.

      I feel quite passionately that the Great Pyramid is one of the most incredible, yet most misunderstood and misrepresented treasures of our current era of human existence on Earth. I am totally anti-Egyptology when it comes to the Great Pyramid and all of the books I have read have angered me... to see Egyptian Pharaohs being given credit for something they discovered and copied. It just ain't right.
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        Re: Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

        Sat, October 13, 2007 - 11:23 PM
        Excellent post sayr and if I had been more careful I too would have known that the centering was not relative to the pyramid's overall form. You and I are kindred regarding the significance of this monolith whose clarity would rewrite history as wel know it. Zawi Hawass (the only true pyramidiot in hios own words) I understand has gained permission to close the pyramid to the public at this time and is charging some $250.00 USD / hour to scieintists and has it fully booked with kickbacks as well from local hotels and transportatoin companies. The schmuck is making money off the world's most important monument and making even more money making documentaries full of misinformation. The upside of this is that there does seem to be an effort to keep people away whlie at once several scientists have discovered some incredible information about the energy levels around the pyramid that is astounding (tachyon energy!). I posted this elsewhere on the tribe as I recall but what YOU must listen to is a 2-hr interview with Dr John DeSalvo who is talking about the work of one Joe Parr. I d/l'd these two interviews to my computer and they are 17 Mb each and they are available in the Jeff Rense show archives [], but if you can't find them let me know an I'll send you a copy on CD. The short of it is that at certain times of the year, the ambient energy of the pyramid increaed for a short period of time consistently over a ten year study period and that the energy appears to have direction. He further explains why they feel the pyramid was built at this locationon the Earth and plenty more with scientific support. The Cheops/Khufu/Atlantean? pyramid has been shown to occupy a psition that is part of a template of sorts that matches the Orion constellation. Having said that it seems someone came along and said, "No here's how you do it," given that as many as 70 pyramids were poorly constructed as part of the 2D impression. In other words, the main pyramid was not an isolated effort and certainly part of a larger design

        If you are into vastly alternative theories including the possibility of alien intervention (one week again I wasn't either), I highly recommend listening to the interview(s) with Michael Tsarion on Google videos. He is shockingly intelligent with a background in astrology and what he calls sidereal mythology. in essence, he is a historian on steroids who has in his own words documented only what the world scriptures have told him and that these ideas are not his own. What intrigues me is that he is very smart and given his lifelong efforts regarding occult (which means hidden) symbolism and a vastly different scale of reference given his astrological knowledge, his vantage is different than all others whom have tried. He also learned the ancient divination sciences including the Kabbalah, Tarot, Numerology and astrology and combined them to form a new sort of astrology that he calls Stellar astrology rather than the Modern sort which responds to the 'position of rocks in space'. Astrology afterall is based on stars and not planets and he claims that Stellar astrology is the science used by the anceint Egyptians as much as....30,000 years ago! He claims that he cannot find another way to interpret what he has read and researched and he has read EVERYTHING and seems to remember it all incluiding the world's scriptiures! You will also hear him talking about symbols and secret societies which still follow and ancient Saturnian (Sun) rituals despite their claims to the Christian faith. It's very involved and left this skeptic thinking hmmmmm, I think I better spend some more time with this as well i bought his book on Atlantis (this ranges from $29.99 to about $150.00 and if you want the cheap version, contact my new "Brother" at One Heart Books who will hit with with some smooth reggae if you purchase online! Yeah Mon!. I understand sarion has also published a video on 2012. I say all this assuming you are unfamiliar. I lives in Jamaica for awhile and learned a saying, "If it doesn;t go so it nearly go so," whch seems to apply to this situation. It's worth a look. Tell me if you do...I would like other opinions.

        Lastly, about three weeks ago I spent a weekend in Bakersfield, CA and met a group of people whose lives are centered on the idea that alien life governs our world at this time and that a war is raging for control. I have always felt that extraterrestrial life might in fact be part of our own DNA and as Isaac Asimov suggested, we might meet ourselves i the future and think we have met our Creator, under the right circumstances. I left feeling that these were incredibly friendly and genuine people who were a little nuts. Two weeks later, Tsarion appears on my computer screen and having been one who has felt that all of written history is an idealized coverup for what actually happened, I feel myself pulled into this information because the explanations fit even if it's hard to believe. This is why I want other opinions. Maybe a new thread is in order.

        Looking forward to responses.

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          Nice one... lots to chew on.

          I love that Jamaican saying!! Never heard it before. Is it kind of like saying "and it goes a little something like this."???

          >> if I had been more careful I too would have known that the centering was not relative to the pyramid's overall form.

          I also thought there was much symmetry in the pyramid's passageways & chambers, (because I'm one who loves finding symmetry in the physical world) until I read "The Great Pyramid Decoded" and "The Secrets of the Great Pyramid". Once I realized that the internal symmetry was limited, (to just "the Queen's Chamber" on one axis) I realized that it was a story with a flow and a path and how much more profound it is in its deliberate straying from symmetry. I believe there is an intrinsic tale which took a couple of generations (time-wise) to unravel. The people who did so, did so with mathematics & geometry (surveying with intense precision) not by reading into and interpreting symbols (glyphs) and offering wildly concocted notions like the rest of the sources of "information" on the pyramid. Besides, there ARE NO glyphs in this structure (unlike every other pyramid that came from later societies) other than the graffiti of various explorers (glorified travellers) over the ages. I will say though, these 'Great-Pyramidologists' did do a bit of interpretation into the math and what it might be saying. It's classic codebreaking though... and even if they do embellish, at least they provide ALL of the math in their books so you can not only see what they used as a basis for their claims, but you can also draw your own conclusions.

          Visualize this: the Great Pyramid sitting there alone for thousands of years before there were such things as "Egyptians". Then after a long span of silence... then the people who are known as Egyptians showed up and claimed the land. Then they not only built weak, shit replicas, but their modern descendants (in the 9th century AD) stripped & robbed the Great Pyramid of its perfectly reflective limestone casing.. its skin... and used this pillaged material as the facades for their mosques and much of early-Cairo... like Hannibal Lecter they wore its skin over their faces. Okay, now I sound like a total wacko ~ as if I didn't already.

          The Great Pyramid, in its full glory, used to cast a light pattern (which was visible from space) over the longest flat landmass on the planet. The placement of the structure is on the point where Earth's circumference is the longest, both longitudinally and latitudinally. There are so many alignments though, this would go on for days. Either way, once the skin was gone, the pyramid ceased to function as it was intended. It still has a degree of effectiveness at being what it is, but the Egyptians nearly destroyed it rather than design it. This was a culture-robbery. For me it's like the 9-11 Truth thing. I'm not so much concerned with *who* did it. I just want it to be known that it wasn't the Arabs. :)

          >> Zawi Hawass... is charging some $250.00 USD / hour to scieintists and has it fully booked with kickbacks as well from local hotels and transportatoin companies.

          Yeah, he's totally shameless.. and what audacity.

          >> what YOU must listen to is a 2-hr interview with Dr John DeSalvo who is talking about the work of one Joe Parr.

          I'm eager to check that out! I will go to and browse the archives.

          >> I highly recommend listening to the interview(s) with Michael Tsarion on Google videos.

          I will definitely watch that too.

          >> he claims that Stellar astrology is the science used by the anceint Egyptians as much as....30,000 years ago!

          I'll have to hear it.. I just cringe at the words "Egyptians" being combined with "30,000 years ago". I know other cultures inhabited the land now known as Egypt, (when it wasn't Egypt) 30,000 years ago but they sure as hell weren't directly connected, other than geographically with the Egyptians who have lived in that region for the past few thousand years. The Great Pyramid was sitting there for upwards of 1500 years (maybe much more) before they came and settled there.

          I separate the Great Pyramid fully from anything related to Orion's belt, (that alignment is created by all 3 "Giza" pyramids which are often wrongly referred to as "The Great Pyramids" plural) or Rä the sun god.. Isis, Osiris, other gods... or the Eye of Horus (Flower of Life - Merkabah etc.. etc..) or anything else which is related to the Egyptian religion/mythology. All of that came later - and perhaps much earlier.. like in Atlantis and/or Lemuria. I'm not saying all of that isn't valid or powerful.. it just has nothing inherently to do with the Great Pyramid.

          I wouldn't totally rule out the possibility that the earlier inhabitants, (ranging from the builders of the original pyramid all the way back to those who lived there 30,000 years ago) were somehow genetically related to the modern Egyptians; their very distant ancestors. There's just the fact that the planet went through the geological transformation it did between the various cultures we're talking about. And all the way back we're all related.

          I know that many of the current (past-oriented) "western mystery schools", including Drunvalo and the likes, and in general, much of the occult world focuses on the early Egyptians as the originators of many of their ideas and symbologies. So I don't aim to disrespect them in any way. I just have my beliefs about what took place back then and I know that the early Egyptians were a lot like the Mayans and the Incans in that they performed human sacrifices and were obsessed with the afterlife and ego-death/self-sacrifice. But the sacrificial offerings were not of the leaders. They were at the serf level of the pyramid (so to say) scheme. The pharaohs spent their whole lives and all of their physical resouces, including their entire population of devotees, constructing their pyramids as a sort of spaceship, or what they hoped was a vortex portal opener for transitioning properly into the next dimension of their existence. I don't know, they may have accomplished this on a spiritual level, but the purpose for their pyramids was so much different than the evident purpose of the builders of the Great Pyramid, which never housed a body. The coffer in the "King's Chamber" has no evidence of the remains of human DNA.

          It looks like the early Egyptian pharaohs probably had access to the interior of the Great Pyramid somehow because they seem to reference its interior in their glyphs. And if they knew the way in, they probably just went inside the descending passageway. They didn't destroy the granite plug to access the ascending passageway. They may have figured out how to move it, but they didn't leave any evidence of a forced entry and they didn't strip the pyramid of its original limestone casing. That theft and the extensive damage done to the interior came much later when Abdullah Al Mamun ransacked it with his droves of men.

          >> I feel myself pulled into this information because the explanations fit even if it's hard to believe. This is why I want other opinions. Maybe a new thread is in order.

          Yeah, I also like to bounce information off of others for their opinions. Especially on topics with limited facts. If you feel like starting a new thread to discuss The Great Pyramid and how Cymatics research might align with it (or ???), I'll gladly contribute.

          I believe Edward Leedskalnin used similar sonic principles (perhaps Cymatics-related ideas) to the builders of the Great Pyramid when he built Coral Castle in Florida. We could get into that in the new thread. :)
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            I posted this on another page last July when the Joe Parr daa was fresh:

            Briefly, over the years I have seen several documentaries and read portions of several books about the pyramids ad their relation to astronomical coordinates. Considering that the math works, I have to assume, like the Mayans and their ancient cultures, that the stars were calculated and these objects mirrored the heavens. Unfortunately I do not recall the name but at least ten years ago I saw a documentary where a British astrologer stated they mapped the Orion Constellation on the ground and 71 major and minor pyramids lined up. This is not an imposed theory but a found condition and clearly not a coincidence.

            Recently Robert Bauval expanded upon this in another documentary indicating that the airshafts are light conduits that measure time and theoretically activate the inherent energy capability of the Great pyramid.

            Last week I listened to an internet archive audio by Dr. John DeSalvo who was reporting the findings of his friend and colleague Joe Parr, a man with 40 years of experience as an electrical engineer well he worked for the Feds on several Top Secret projects. He is retired now. Though I highly recommend you listen to this interview, the high points are as follows:

            1. The main pyramid at Giza's harmonic frequency is 51.1 Hz. This is the same as the pyramids angle!
            2. With repeated measurements over many years, the pyramid activates between DEC 13-16.
            3. Dec. 13-16 apparently is a time when the Earth is between the Sun and the Orion constellation (interference).
            4. The pyramid can also be activated by remote sound generation in conjunction with a magnetic energy producing device called an intercon field
            5. During one of these remote activations, readings detected the presence of an intense tachyon field between DEC 13-16
            6. When the pyramid is active, there is a measure orb of energy that surrounds it.
            7. In the 1970's as I recall, astrologers detected a gamma source at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is now referred to as the Great annihilator
            8. A Gamma burst could explain the end of the dinosaurs for example
            9. The base (2D) of the pyramid is located such that it is the only location on Earth always points at the Great Annihilator!!!

            There is more as well speculation about what this all means as well I was taken aback by their claim that the sphinx is 54,000 years old. I am intuitively certain that the Egyptians did not build the pyramids and these guys suggested that the sphinx has been recarved several times and the pyramid built in three stages. I have no clue the source of this information. Ignore the mumbo jumbo on site, and find the juicy bits with the serious scientists that he interviews.

            [TSARION's views add to this tremendously given his take that the jews were essentially the exiled Pharoah's and theor followers from the 18th dynasty. It seems there is alot of evidence to support this. They are the the saturnian Sun worshippers whose lineage is the nature of the 'secret' in secret societies. Tsarion suggests that Moses was Akhenaten and that the pyramids were built by th Nephilim who geneticall modified the Earth's indigeous people several times and eventually blew up the damned world. I am skeptical as well he avoids the racial card completely but his knowledge and tying up of facts is second to none.] I for one hope he is nearly right!
            • It was known as well that (the great pyramid at least) was sheathed with a polished stone exterior that was a REFLECTIVE surface...
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                Re: Sanskrit and Hebrew characters through cymatics?

                Mon, October 15, 2007 - 10:26 PM
                Yeah, that was something I said in one of my exasperatingly long posts of recent:

                The Great Pyramid, in its full glory, used to cast a light pattern (which was visible from space) over the longest flat landmass on the planet.

                That was because of the highly polished limestone casing which was stolen by Abdullah Al Mamun and his droves of Arab slaves in the early 9th century AD. They used the pillaged limestone to face many of the mosques that still stand in modern Cairo.

                The sun would shine down on the pyramid on the ancient new year (12PM on what is now Nov 1st) and the pyramid would cast a huge, brightly lit cross (with pointed limbs) across hundreds of miles of flat desert land. Imagine being able to see that from space. What a spectacle it would've been.

                The gaps on all sides of the limestone blocks were a uniform and precise 0.010". You would barely be able to slide a piece of paper in between them. And they were polished to jeweler's spec.
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            << If it doesn't go so, it nearly go so>>

            What this means to Jamaicans is that if you hear something being discussed it is always, nearly true.
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              Bump this for later. I found this thread while googeling: ASTROLOGY +CYMATICS

              Glancing through but above all the first post made me directly think about The Language of Light.

              So, anyone else that links Cymatics with the 'stars' and planets 'beat' i.e. (more or less ; ) ''harmonic codes'' flowing through the Multiverse (Universe) to Astrology? A book about Astrology I have tells Astrology is thousands of years old, and was part of astronomy, and both of it was part of Holy Scriptures and knowledge but due to various reasons later 'divided' into its own siderivers, hence now seen as 'separated' from 'the great sea' of holy, holier and holiest water-war kindoff... get what I mean?


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